Wednesday, 7 June 2023

What is Arrogance?

 Shocked to hear a statement from Mr. Sanjiv Bajaj, MD Bajaj Finserv:

"You will see in three months' time on our website and our web app an option, you click it, we will never bother you again. You'll have the right to be forgotten by us but then make sure you don't come back to us for our products and solutions," Bajaj said on telemarketing calls that are used to push loans.

This is sheer arrogance. 

The question is:

Did i (never a customer of Bajaj Finserv) register with Bajaj Finserv to get this unsolicited calls? Absolutely no. Yet i have received these unsolicited calls.

If not registered then why are you telling us to visit your website and select an option of right to be forgotten..

Now, the customers of Bajaj Finserv they have to decide whether to opt out of telemarketing or .............

They may say that there is a communication gap or interpretation issues. 

The truth : damage is done.

This will open up the doors for Piramal Finance and others who are waiting for an opening.

Rather than stating the headline as don't come back to us for our products and solutions media houses reported headlines as:

Fortune India: Bajaj Finance customers will soon have 'the right to be forgotten': Sanjiv Bajaj

BQ : Bajaj Finance To Offer Option To Avoid Marketing Calls

Moneycontrol: Bajaj Finance to bring down dependence on telemarketing calls: Sanjiv Bajaj

Mint: Will bring down dependence on telemarketing calls: Sanjiv Bajaj of Bajaj Finance

Business Today: Getting pesky loan calls from Bajaj Finance? Here’s what Chairman Sanjiv Bajaj has to say

Great Media Management.

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Friday, 28 April 2023

Non Upgraded Existence

How business sells its products and services:

“THE WORLD IS increasingly designed to depress us. Happiness isn’t very good for the economy. If we were happy with what we had, why would we need more? How do you sell an anti-ageing moisturiser? You make someone worry about ageing. How do you get people to vote for a political party? You make them worry about immigration. How do you get them to buy insurance? By making them worry about everything. How do you get them to have plastic surgery? By highlighting their physical flaws. How do you get them to watch a TV show? By making them worry about missing out. How do you get them to buy a new smartphone? By making them feel like they are being left behind. To be calm becomes a kind of revolutionary act. To be happy with your own non-upgraded existence. To be comfortable with our messy, human selves, would not be good for business.”

Matt Haig

Source: Safal Niveshak

Monday, 17 April 2023

Crime and Politics in Hindi Heartland

Any one interested to know how crime and politics marched hand in hand in UP, must read this brilliant write up by Shekhar Gupta.

‘Murderer at 17, brutal mafioso’ with stint in Parliament: Atiq Ahmed, a story of crime & heartland politics  by Shekhar Gupta.

Remember Mulayam Singh Yadav was former Chief Minister, Defense Minister of India, was awarded Padma Vibhushan by BJP Government.

Article Tip: J Gopikrishnan

Tuesday, 4 April 2023

Inventive Money Making Scheme

How a bailout offered by one country to others impact world at large.

The below statement is from FT a reputed financial paper:

Article: China grants billions in bailouts as Belt and Road Initiative falters

However, there are big differences between IMF programmes and Chinese bailouts. One is that Chinese money is not cheap. “A typical rescue loan from the IMF carries a 2 per cent interest rate,” said the study. “The average interest rate attached to a Chinese rescue loan is 5 per cent.”

Source: FT

Thursday, 23 March 2023

Prakhar Srivastava

In Vaad (YouTube Channel), there was a interview recorded with Prakhar Srivastava (author of book Hey Ram).

Every Indian, interested in Indian history regarding Gandhi, Godse, Nehru, Patel, Partition, Refugees , Apte, Maulana etc. must read the book ( written in Hindi) and if not possible at least listen to the below interview.

The interview reveals that what we were taught about history majorly needs a big revision, 


Note: As on blog date I have not read the book.

Monday, 6 March 2023

The Truth Is Out - Kerala CM

Recently an initiative by one section of society (Jammat-e-Islami) to meet other section of society (RSS) was met by strong words. The words were from Kerala CM who belongs to CPI (M).

The logic of the Jamaat-e-Islami that the RSS can be refined and reformed through dialogue is tantamount to the belief that the spots of a leopard can be changed by bathing it,” Pinarayi said, adding that the Jamaat should reveal the contents of the discussion.

 “At a time that the secular community in the country is fighting against the extremist Hindutva agenda of the RSS, these steps would only help favour it. This is a challenge to secular society,” the CM said.

What one can understand from above:

1. Muslims should not initiate dialogue with Hindus

2. Muslim as a community is anti Hindu and should continue to be in that away

3. Muslim is a vote bank of Non BJP / RSS i.e. CPI (M)/Congress/SP etc.

This is truly surprising that a CM is openly speaking about his positions as to who should meet whom and why. Still the CM calls, others meeting a challenge to secular society.

In other words if you follow what they say then you are secular, otherwise you are non secular.

Hence, definition of Secular is person specific.