Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Can Government withdraw Bharat Ratna awarded?

An unbelievable statement appeared in The Print newspaper. The Print carried out excerpt from a book titled "Ä Rude Life" by Vir Sanghvi.

I will reproduce the portion from the excerpt:

What none of us realized was that the sanyasi had gathered up every secret file he could get his hands on at the PMO before they booted him out. He had a treasure trove of confidential communications, government files and secret letters, all kept safely, perhaps in those Air India attaché cases.

The heading of the excerpt in the Print was titled as "Morarji Desai had stolen PMO documents. Was set to reveal classified secrets"

If the above statement is true :

  • Can / Will Government of India withdraw the Bharat Ratna awarded (1991)?
  • Will Government of India set up a committee to know which documents were stolen and initiate process for retrieval of the stolen documents? 

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Learnings - Auto Pilot

Read a wonderful book titled Auto Pilot - The Art & Science of doing nothing by Andrew Smart.

Auto Pilot book is a must read to understand ourselves, our brain and our world economy. Examples, quotes are excellent. 

Last chapter Work is destroying the planet is worth reading and reproducing in total.

Contents of the book is worth treasuring. 

Select takeaways from the book is reproduced below: 

Beauty of Brain

On the contrary, when you leave important parts of your brain unattended by relaxing in the grass on a sunny afternoon, the parts of your brain in the default mode network become more organized and engaged. In your brain, the dishes do wash themselves if you just leave them alone. It turns out your brain is never idle. In fact, it may work harder when you’re not working at all.

The brain represents about two percent of your total body weight, yet it consumes twenty percent of your body’s energy. It is the biological equivalent of the one percent. In other words, your brain is a pig and it is selfish.

So the best thing to do after learning new information is to take nap, or atleast be idle.

What a busy and occupied life performs?

Even though the network your brain uses to actively pay attention only requires a small fraction of your brain’s total energy, when this attention network activates, your default mode network reduces its activity. This is what is meant by anti-correlated: when your attention network activates, your default mode deactivates. While you run around like a decapitated chicken in your daily life, trying to manage your schedule, trying to keep up with all your mobile devices, posting to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, receiving text messages, composing emails, and checking off to-do lists, you are suppressing the activity of perhaps the most important network in your brain.

Why males start performing better after 25?

In fact, in males, the prefrontal cortex does not finish maturing until about age twenty-five. I mentioned above that the prefrontal cortex is responsible for skills like decision making, planning, impulse-control, and self-reflection—skills that many males under twenty-five tend to lack.

How Newton might have got the idea?

It was during this revolution that a scientific community came into being that published journals and started having meetings much like today’s scientific conferences. In the centuries since Newton, natural science has met with astonishing success. Typically we think of Newton seeing the apple fall as some kind of serendipitous moment in the history of science. Whatever the origin of the story really is, after seeing the apple fall and after working out his theory Newton wrote one of the most significant scientific publications in history: the Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica, in which the formal theory of gravity is introduced.

Newton wasn’t holed up in his study tearing his hair out trying to figure out why objects move toward earth and the planets orbit the Sun, stressing about a looming deadline. Nor was a productivity expert looking over Newton’s shoulder to make sure he was working efficiently. We can imagine that as he relaxed on a warm evening in his garden, the soothing noises of birds singing and leaves blowing in the breeze surrounding him, he either closed his eyes or looked at nothing in particular.

He would have had a feeling of well-being and sensations of positive emotions might have washed over him. All this would put him in a nice “contemplative mood.” His default mode network would have started to increase its activity. Blood would have started flowing to his precuneous, his lateral parietal cortex, his medial prefrontal cortex, and his anterior cingulate cortex as these regions began to consume oxygen and glucose at an increased rate.

This is the default mode network getting warmed up. The neurons in these regions are increasing their activity. His anterior cingulate would have signaled to his parasympathetic nervous system that all was well and his blood pressure would drop. His heart rate would slow and time between beats would start to become slightly more variable.

This physiological reaction would start to feed back to his brain and his relaxation might deepen. In this idle state and in the absence of some externally induced task, Newton’s brain starts to get to work. His mind begins to wander; his thoughts turn inward and become reflective. The nodes in his default mode network are now ready to communicate.

The millions of neurons in these regions begin to partially synchronize their oscillatory electrical activity at different frequencies so that neuronal messages from the default mode network can travel throughout his brain. Since the nodes in the default mode network are hubs they can get information from almost any brain region. Memories and associations, along with mathematical and spatial concepts, which are stored in regions connected to the parietal cortex, can also be accessed by his default mode network. These concepts now begin to bubble up into Newton’s consciousness as the medial prefrontal cortex reports to the rest of the active default network what is happening in the far reaches of his subconscious.

These reports from Newton’s vast knowledge of physics in his long-term memory, which are normally not part of his conscious awareness, can now enter his mind because his brain does not have to worry about talking, scheduling meetings, planning his day, or managing his time.

The motions of the planets, the inverse square law, attraction, mass, and acceleration: all of these concepts that Newton has learned might have begun circulating in Newton’s awareness. Prior to sitting in his garden this particular evening, Newton might not have found relationships among these concepts because they would not have the chance to enter his awareness during his everyday life. Likewise, there is also evidence that the default mode network works unconsciously so that in an idle state, the brain finds connections among concepts without awareness.

Then for reasons we do not yet understand, sometimes these thoughts reach awareness. The important thing is that during rest, the default mode network can open connections between brain regions that are normally too busy trying to keep up with your activity-filled life to talk to each other.

This is when true creativity and insight can happen. At this point, Newton’s anterior cingulate cortex, normally hard at work detecting errors and monitoring the outcome of behavior, is now freed to detect weak and strange relationships between numbers, forces, objects, and space.

In such a relaxed state, Newton might have only barely noticed the apple falling from the tree. However, his brain would have recorded the event. A seemingly trivial event in the world, an apple falling from a tree, might have triggered a cascade of neural activity which allowed the concepts Newton was contemplating to synthesize into a completely new idea. All the clocks struck at the same time because the clocks were not being wound.

Importance of resting phase of the brain?

We categorize adults who sit in contemplative moods as flakey, spacey, or lazy. But for your brain to do its best work, you need to be idle. If you want to have great ideas or if you just want to get know yourself, you must stop managing your time. At the very least, modern neuroscience is rapidly amassing more and more evidence that the resting state of the brain is vital to its health.

Problems of modern world?

In our hysterical rush to make money, gain status, compete for scarce jobs, jockey for promotions, make our kids athletic and intellectual geniuses, and organize our lives down to the second, we are suppressing our brain’s natural ability to make meaning out of experience. It is through our brain’s amazing natural meaning-making ability that real and profound creativity can happen. It is becoming clear that the resting state of the brain is essential to this process.

How nature restores balance?

Ants are among the most successful species on the planet. The number of ants alive at any given time has been estimated to be around ten million billion. And given that a human weigh approximately one to two million times as much as an ant, ants and humans have roughly the same global biomass.

Quote whose meaning I knew well

“The survival of humans and other species on planet Earth in my view can only be guaranteed via a timely transition towards a stationary state, a world economy without growth.”——Peter Custers

Job market well explained

Most of the jobs politicians are perpetually promising to create are downright awful. For people without formal education, the countless jobs that each party claims to be able to produce are demeaning and tedious service-sector jobs at places like Amazon fulfillment centers that don’t pay enough for rent, healthcare, food, daycare, phone bills, or a car. For people with more formal education there are mindless corporate jobs where the only skill required is to master the asinine business jargon in a way that makes it seem like you are doing something meaningful. 

Sunday, 20 June 2021

How you should approach your work?

I knew if I was going to make this work, I had to equip myself better. This would be a long, tough journey. I had to educate myself more deeply, learn as much as I could about music, especially the riches and beauties that others might miss. My new concern with musical pleasure might even turn into an advantage here, opening my ears to sounds the celebrity critics would scorn. I also had to learn how to write better, with more incision and imaginative grasp of the subject at hand. Above all, I had to think about the reader, with far more clarity than I had done before.

Writer: How I Became the Honest Broker

Source: Alpha Ideas blog

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Truth comes out of the bottle

Interview of Yuri Bezmenov on his political assignment in India. 

Highly recommended to watch this video and decipher on your own:

Source: Ayudhika

Monday, 7 June 2021

Mutual Fund and Insider Trading

It is believed that those at the top of the pyramid are apostle of  ethics. It is when the surface is scratched the true human being and his character is revealed.

Headlines: Debt scheme redemptions: SEBI to charge key officials of Franklin MF with fraud

It is surprising to know that Insider Trading is associated with Mutual Fund. The correct headline should have been:

Mutual Fund and Insider Trading.

Extract from the newspaper Business Line:

Vivek Kudva, Head of Asia Pacific for FT, his wife Roopa, who is a partner and managing director of Omidyar Network India, and his mother, Vasanthi, are alleged to have redeemed over ₹30 crore from the debt schemes between March 20 and April 3, 2020. SEBI found that the concerns of redemption concentration and liquidity risk were known to Vivek Kudva as per various e-mails dated March 18 and 19.

Now who is Vivek and Roopa Kudva:


Vivek Kudva

Roopa Kudva


IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad

Associated with (Current and Past)

Franklin Templeton Investments, Head of APAC Distributions.

MD Omidyar Networks India



Nestle, Director



IIM Ahmedabad, Member Governing Council



Tata AIA Life Insurance, Director



Infosys, Director


Member, Banks Board Bureau



SEBI, RBI etc.




Source: LinkedIn





May be after few years we will read the following :

..defendants  .. settle proposed enforcement actions without either admitting or denying the allegations..

Please note the enquiry of the case is at a very early stage and this may be contested in the courts.

Saturday, 29 May 2021

PETA - Do you know Indian Culture?

Tamilians of South India Hats off to you.

You understood very early that objective of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was not protecting animals, but killing Tamil culture (Jallikattu).

PETA attacked Indian culture this time by suggesting Amul (largest dairy in India ) to switch to Vegan Milk.

What was the basis of suggestion?

PETA in its letter to Sodhi cited a 2018 report by global food corporation Cargill which claims that demand for dairy products around the world is on the decline as dairy is no longer considered an essential part of a diet.

Questions to PETA?

  • Is Cargill, Nestle and other food giants one of key donors to PETA? If Yes, please state the figures.
  • As Mr. Sodhi of Amul India stated “Will they give livelihood to 100 million dairy farmers (70% landless)? Who will pay for their children's school fees? How many can afford expensive lab manufactured factory food made out of chemicals and synthetic vitamins?”
  • PETA India Head, you did some thinking / research on Indian culture / employment/ economy or just forwarded the suggestion came from PETA USA without thinking?
  • Why now PETA suggested this idea of vegan milk during a period when Indians are fighting COVID battle? Is this a conspiracy by the PETA USA?
  • During the COVID attack who would have benefitted more from VEGAN Milk? I will list it:
    • The so-called VEGAN promoting global food giants like Cargill and others?
    • Shareholders of the global food giants?
    • Stakeholders of the global food giants like Soya, Almond, Nuts producers?
  • Will PETA tell which is the most common product used for VEGAN milk? Answer: Soya, Almond, Cashew, Oat (top 4).
  • Who are the major producers of Soya, Almond, Cashew, Oat?
    • Soya – USA , Brazil, Argentina
    • Almond -USA, Spain, IRAN
    • Cashew – Vietnam, India, Côte d'Ivoire
    • Oat – Russia Federation, Canada and Poland
  • Most important question : are you promoting USA and want to benefit few large corporations by starving millions of Indians?
  • It appears PETA cares more about Animals, select countries and their giant food corporations than an ordinary Indian who survives with bare minimum needs?
On Top dairy free milk brands:

Here are the world’s top dairy-free milk brands.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze
Oatly (Oat drink, chai, latte, and Barista Edition)
Pacific Non Dairy Beverages (Soy, Almond, and Coconut Varieties)
Ripple Dairy-Free (Pea-Based)
Silk (Soy, Nut, Almond, Oat “Oat Yeah”, and Coconut Varieties)
So Delicious Dairy-Free (Almond, Cashew, and Coconut Varieties)
Trader Joe’s (Soy, Almond, and Coconut Varieties)
Zen Soy
Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value (Soy and Almond Varieties)
Australia/New Zealand
Nutty Bruce
Here’s a terrific page listing all major brands of soy milk sold in Japan, including package photos for each. And here are four top brands that you can find in nearly every grocery:

I support Tamilians of South India for being proactive and suggesting ban over PETA.

What Tamilians of South India understood in 2017, North-East-West of Indians are yet to understand i.e. PETA wants to destroy Indian culture.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Aditi Mutatkar - Wonderful Interview

Interview of Aditi Mutatkar in Indian Express (former Number 1 Indian badminton player) threw out many statements which a honest sports person undergoes and feels.

Some statements are reflections which come out after you have left the sport and start reconciling with life. Thanks to Aditi for sharing her part of story which was a very inspiring one.

Enjoyed reading thoughtful statements from Aditi.

Every sports person should read this interview and learn from the journey.

Key statements which is worth sharing is listed below:

Memories of a sportsman

“Look, me and Saina will always be a painful memory for me. She was extra-ordinary. I wasn’t extra-ordinary. It is not easy to accept that someone is so good that you don’t have a chance at all. I could never break through that aura of Saina,” 

Mistakes ignorantly committed have important learning

On her return from Europe, a writer from Bangalore would urge Aditi to scribble about her fruitful European sojourn. “I actually wrote a nice piece titled ‘Thank you, Saina!’ It was written in the spirit of ‘You raised the bar, so we could follow.’ Day after, Tom sir (coach Tom John) was looking at me funny and asked me in his typical way: “Are you an idiot? What have you written? Don’t treat her like a god.'”

Very important message

Aditi jokes she can serve as a giant WARNING sign to the next generation, now chasing PV Sindhu, an even bigger figure. “Never put them on a pedestal if you have to play them! Have respect for them, but don’t be satisfied with just nicking a few points off them. On the court, you have to start as equal. They shouldn’t be beating you in the head even before the game has begun.”

Feelings on what was missing in coaching and attitude 

Badminton’s famous clash of cultures between Bangalore and Hyderabad, didn’t help matters. “Prakash sir and Vimal sir had a very democratic setup. Noone received special attention, and it was like sabko saath leke chalo. (Take everyone along). I had my Pune middle class attitude which could only take me to a certain level. At the top level, you need to be extremely selfish, doesn’t matter who falls by the wayside,” she explains.

Difficulty to reconcile and then to settle down

“I was competitive. But how do I accept that she’s 10 times better than me. Not knowing how to deal with it even when I played against her, ate me up,” she recalls of a torrid time.

At 15, Aditi had looked at her achievements the way other people saw them: casually tossing them aside compared to Saina’s. “I saw myself the way Saina saw me. But I should’ve enjoyed the journey more, rather than being caught up in this,” she says.

Dawn of wisdom

“I learnt that we should enjoy what we’re doing and not let another athlete bog you down. Sport is cruel, there’s no place to hide. But you can’t say, what’s the big deal in No. 2. Atleast you are No 2! When I won titles it was always back of my mind that she’s not there. But there were other challengers. And I beat them all. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

We lionise winners, but there’s no space for ordinary champions or runners-up. In my life, every opponent gave me something to learn from, and were important in my journey,” 

Interview Link :(Indian Express) Aditi Mutatkar

Reflections of a self

In the below photo (from the Indian Express article) anyone from the four would have been a world champion with only change in name and face. We have to accept we know nothing about future and how life progresses.

We may never know who the other two in the photos are, may be they have some stories to share about their journey too.